CPI Security inTouch App Reviews

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Love it

The App is fantastic. Everything I need to do is at my fingertips.


Not particularly reliable. Surprised when it works. Disappointed when needing to set the keypad manually. Great idea but poorly executed.

Worthless App

Nothing worse than pulling in your driveway, using the disarm command on your phone (giving the system PLENTY of time to disarm) walk in & immediately the alarm is going off. Proceed to run to the other side of the house to turn it off hopefully before the authorities are called...OR when you lay down in your bed at night and get that “omg this is the best part of my day” feeling, only to realize you have to get back up and go downstairs to set the alarm...why?! OH, BC THE APP DOESN’T WORK!!!!

Recent upgrade

We recently had an upgrade and new cameras installed in the front and back of home. The installer (James) was professional and cleaned up after the install.

Went Downhill Fast

This app use to work well and easy to sign in with just fingerprint but then it starting to fail in arming the alarm. Now it doesn't even open with fingerprint and doesn't recognize my password after keep changing it via desktop website. This is because an error message keeps popping up whe you go to login help.

Needs help

I’m not even sure where to begin. Half of the time the commands don’t work I always end up getting an error that my command might or might not have gone through. The garage door function is useless as it never works. The camera is the only thing that works on a consistent basis. I’m always rushing to the keypad to disarm manually and hoping it isn’t a false alarm. So much for smart home functionality.

CPI and IPhone X

Recently purchased and X. The CPI app will not install on my new phone. This is a serious deficiency. I typically used the phone to arm and disarm my system so for me this is very inconvenient. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. For now this would receive no stars when used with an X.

Worst app by far

Sometimes won’t disarm.. been spending the last hour trying to arm it to no avail. The most annoying app I have come by..

Yeah. Contract is up!

A lot of times the app times out and the disarming does not work. I have free apps that perform better. I expect more from a service I pay to use. Too many systems will do a better job. It's slow it's really slow to send that signal. It's like a text message so why does it take so long?


App only works sometimes and it never seems to work when we are out of town or have the house alarmed with no entry delay.


Just installed yesterday and seems incompatible with my iPhone. Something happened all my contacts were removed, email comes in hours later than sent, 4 copies of same email with same times sent requesting “docu-sign” bizarre

Keeps logging me out!

My login only lasts for a brief few hours. Then open the app later only to find it’s logged me out again!

Won’t download on iPhone X

Keeps timing out, not a connection issue. No problem with other apps.

So so and not very reliable

Our family has on and off problems with this app. I normally have to double check when I arm/disarm our alarm. A recent update wiped out my username and password. I really feel they need to do more work to make the app stable and be more responsive when you need to control your system.

Good app, please update for iPhone X

I use this all daily. Please update for the iPhone X and I’ll change to 5 stars.

CPI app - doesn’t work properly all the time

I like the concept of the app when it works properly. We’ve had this system since June - the saved videos for the doorbell camera will work sometime and then they stop saving. I get notifications to view video but unless the feed is live there is no way for me to view who or what was caught on video. We’ve had to call CPI a couple times now to reset the system - that becomes annoying. Please fix this problem. It’s no point in having cameras if you can’t view the feed when you need to.

Poor support

When the app decides to work it works perfectly. However if it’s not it won’t let you arm and disarm. And with iPhone 8 it doesn’t give notifications of alarm alerts no matter if your settings are correct.


Great app! Easy to use. Wonderful addition to the system!

I Love CPI!

CPI is the best home security company that you can have. Always pleasant to work with whether by to two way communication or by phone. If it's good enough for the Carolina Panthers, it's good enough for me. Go CPI and Panthers!


App rarely works properly and is altogether pretty worthless. The issues have nothing to do with my internet speed or connection.

Monica N

Had CPI for several years now and have never had a problem! A lot of the issues people are having are due to poor internet connections and speed. Thanks to all at CPI!

Rarely works.

Unable to connect to cameras, hasn't been loading info, takes forever if at all to arm or disarm system. Probably going to drop them.

Always times out

I would give this app negative stars if able. Constantly times out and can never set or disarm alarm. Pretty worthless.

CPI In Touch

Why does my app not match what is on the In Touch Panel? I don't see how there is a way to Psynch them either. Why can I not Program a time for Scenes? I don't want to have to manually do this daily.

Crap. Times out and won't arm / disarm

Times out and won't arm / disarm. Called CPI and no help

Doorbell camera never works

When I open the Camera app for CPI to Curity it may work one out of 20 times. Very frustrating


Security system status change does not work most of the time. When i cannot disarm through app in the morning, as expected, motion detector ends up making loud noise catching me before i could reach the panel and it ends up waking up everyone in the house. Very annoying experience.

Great App!!

This app is super! My system arms and disarms almost immediately, connects to my doorbell camera within seconds, and since the most recent update I can now even edit my passwords, emergency contacts, and access my certificate of installation for my insurance company all within the app. Highly recommend CPI to anybody looking for top quality in a security system!

Great App. Awesome Service CPI

Love this security system and the app is fantastic. Thank you CPI!


Originally this app worked fine. The new app does not. I'm not sure if something has happened, but now for some reason I'm not able to secure the system from my phone at all. Well here I am two years later and the same issue even after a new panel has been installed. Now it's starting to not work again. Can't be set from my phone.

Doesn't work

This app never works. I continuously have to disarm my alarm manually with the control panel because the arm/disarm feature is not reliable. This is very aggravating because I work 3rd shift and would like to be able to disarm the alarm before I walk in the door because the beeping of the alarm wakes my wife up from her sleep. Please fix this issue.

The best app in security

I have had the opportunity to use multiple security apps since the birth of smart home automation. This is by far the best of the bunch. Keep up the great work CPI!!!

Phone App

We love this app and are surprised at how quickly it arms and disarms. So far we haven't experienced the delays other reviewers complain of. Perhaps it has more to do with the phone service than the alarm system itself. We are so glad we have CPI....

Great idea, poor execution

This could be a great app except it never works. Commands constantly time out, leaving your home unprotected without warning. Get it together CPI

Totally unreliable

Panel commands never work reliably through the app

Horrible App

CPI you really need to get it together with this app. Continuously the app have intermittent delays in arming and disarming the alarm. I once walked into my home thinking the alarm had disarmed only to discover the app icon was still flashing and had not disarmed the alarm. It had to be disarmed from the control panel. Other times I have had to wait almost ten minutes for it to disarm the alarm. This app is garbage!

Widget is just right.

This app is very convenient! Loveeeee it

Never works

Never works

No Entry Delay

Would like to be able to do silent arming from the app on an E3 system..... Everything else is fantastic New pinch to zoom feature is amazing, great work guys ......How about silent arming with E3....?????

Not consistent.

I enjoy this app for the most part. It's really annoying when the app will tell me the door is unlocked when I know it's locked. It happens too often. I don't like having to guess if the door is locked, especially if I'm away on vacation or something. I've also disarmed the alarm on my phone only to have the alarm sound when I open the door. Overall, I do feel more secure with the alarm system in place, but wish the app was more reliable.

Love the new app!!!

Absolutely love this new update to the app. Very easy to use 😄. I love the new "My Account" at the bottom.

Fantastic Functionality

The app has everything I need and more. CPI's security and smart home solution is truly best in class.

Failure of an app that should make life simpler

Never works, every command times out or gives a panel error message. Cameras are not even clear anymore when viewing from the app(the only useful part) Funny when I call CPI for help they say it all looks normal to them. Strange that failure is what defines normal anymore...


The app used to work perfectly back then. Now I'm not sure what happened and now nothing works.


I gave this 2 of 5 stars because that's about as often as the app actually works. Disarming the system only works about every 2 out of 5 times. Since the app rarely works, it's always a race to drop whatever I'm lugging in with me that day and get to the panel to disarm from there.

Great App But Fatal Glitch

Overall, terrific app from CPI. I love that they created an Apple Watch option too. Things like the Geo-Track reminders are terrific. I look forward to upgrading back to five-star rating, but won't be able to until one glitch is addressed on update. Since recent update, devices don't stay logged in to app...requiring user to type log-in information on each access. Renders the app mostly useless.

Great all-in-one app

inTouch does a good job of getting all of my home security arm/disarm functions as well as our smart home automation controls into a single app. Intuitive interface.

CPI. Fail

This is the most ridiculous excuse for an app I've ever seen. Yes it does do the job but it has no features that it could have. Typical big company it just tries to take your money and not really concerned about customer service.

Horrible security app

More than half the times, none of the commands work and they time out.

App works when it wants

This app works sometimes. Most of the time it doesn't work when you try to turn alarm on or off. Sad

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