CPI Security inTouch App Reviews

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Works flawless

Great looking app and it works. Easy to navigate and convenient. Has everything you need to know about your system. Very easy to use and it responds perfectly. Definitely a step up in the competition.


I don’t like this app. I have complained numerous times about the part that has camera, time and date on it is huge and also has big black lines top and bottom. Nothing is ever done about it.


So many problems with this system! Only had cpi for 2 months & had bad sensors, replaced modems, front door locks by itself, doorbell video works when it wants to. Should have gone with ADT..

Garage door never opens

Please look at fixing the issue where the garage door never. If that fix I would love the app.

Lack of security

Have been with CPI for about a year now. In the beginning we have really appreciated the service but lately we can’t even check the doorbell viewings to see who has come to our door every now and then we can check the cameras in the house sometimes it will tell us it’s off line other times it won’t show anything at all. Contacted CPI about the problems several weeks ago never received a phone all or anything

CPI In Touch

Very convenient and easy to use.

Front door lock

My front door touch pad lock won’t unlock to open door and I’m not able to get into my house and I call tech support and they can’t open it remotely so they tell me they will send out a technician on Tuesday, the problem is it’s Thursday when I called to tell them about my problem. I just don’t understand why I’m paying $55 a month to have a problem and you can’t help me until 6 days later. When I get into my house they can come get this equipment and you best believe I’m telling all my Military friends to stay away from this piss poor customer service.

Not worth the trouble

I downloaded the app in order to have an easy way to access account on the go. The use of setting forgotten alarms was an after thought; but seemed VERY nice. “Seemed” is correct. The delay in this app is ridiculous. Half of the time, the command doesn’t go through, and an alarm is never set. The other half, it takes so long, anyone could still enter my home, no problem. Today, for example: I am rushing out the door to get kids off to school- pull out phone, “set” alarm from car IN the garage, no less, only to discover when I GET BACK HOME, the alarm command never went through. Come inside, make coffee... out of nowhere, I hear, “system is armed to away”! Which was not only an hour later, but now, I was inside and my motion detectors were on! I would NEVER recommend this app.


It is a terrible app!

Horrible support

Online and live! Both are terrible...

Not reliable

The App worked for maybe two days. It then began telling me I had a phone line connection problem (and I don’t even have a phone line). Then it would not allow me to arm my alarm. I called three times in one day to have this fixed and CPI told me they would have it fixed in 15 minutes. Didn’t happen. Now I’m awaiting a technician to come to my house tomorrow (hopefully before 4pm as I leave for work daily at this time). *I must admit the CPI reps are all professional and appear to want to help.

Works well but still confusing

If give it another star if there was a manual for the app. I like that I can set my alarm after leaving the house (if I remembered to close all the doors and windows), but the app still requires users to set up a reasonable profile for the thermostat: first you set the temperature limits for 3 situations (at home, away, night), then apply any one of the situations to times thru the weekday/weekend. We had to figure this out on our own (no manual for the app), although the installer showed us a bit on the website which we immediately forgot. There are some VERY complex triggers on the website as well, which are great when they work but have no way to figure out what was set wrong when they fail. Lighting settings are still not obvious to me; I just guess each time I use it b/c it never seems to respond the same way as the last thing I figured out. I like the event log to see what motion triggers were present, ex: is my wife up yet or will I wake her if I call (when I'm on the road)?

Camera glitches

The cameras rarely work. Very bad service.

Very convenient

Loves being able to set or disarm alarm remotely with app. Also being able to check status of alarm remotely.

VoiceOver Accessibility

Please make this app fully accessible to VoiceOver users. It’s a great tool, but as a blind customer it’s not fully usable.


Being able to arm and disarm the system with just the touch of a finger is awesome! Also, being able to carry my system with me and operate it from anywhere is an extra bonus.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Our home is protected 24/24 with just the touch of a finger. Can’t beat that!👍🏽

Responsive and works great. Great app!

Responsive and let’s me do everything I need for my system at home. Lock/unlock door a huge time saver.

App is a horrible login experience

App is functional once logged in, but the password reset and finger print access are quirky and don’t work all the time, despite efforts of changing settings on app. Good thing you guys are just an alarm company and not a financial institution..

Great app

Great app. For few setting have to go to website. Overall great notifications!

It’s ok

It’s ok. It’s not the best app. It’s not easy to navigate at all. But on the other hand it’s good to have!

Never works

The cameras never work. Wasn’t a fit for me. Trying another company


Really not to bad of app

It’s ok....

The app is ok. It runs a bit slow. I rarely receive my notifications especially when my door bell rings. It could be ALOT better. The notification services are not great. They only allow so many notifications in a month. I believe these notifications should be unlimited. They should come in real time. I find it is very delayed. I’m just not too happy about the app or service.

R1 885


Very Fast and reliable !

Best app I have used for over 10 now. Thanks CPI

Love this system

I have had only one problem with the batteries but everything else is great!!

App is slow

This app has been slow at responding when being alarmed and disarmed via the app...

Hardly Useable

Videos don’t save. Alerts are too delayed to be effective. Unlocking/locking, setting alarm are about the only useable function.


In January 2018 we received our installation from CPI. So far, we have been very satisfied!

InTouch App

Works flawlessly. Very impressed!!!

Works whenever it feels like it

Regret signing this contract.

Update is awful

Ever since the update I can’t use my live doorbell camera.

Great app!

No problems, sometimes a little slow to update but that could be due to internet.

Grass isn’t greener else where

CPI has come a long way. The app works great now. The new garage door opener works flawlessly. Wired cameras could use better pixelation. I’ve canceled them and called to reconnect a month later thinking the grass was greener on the other side


Doesn’t work to arm or disarm about 60% of the time. When it does work it takes entirely too long. Has been this way for almost a year now.

Has worked flawlessly for me

There are a lot of negative reviews here, but once they got the initial kinks worked out with my system, I’ve had zero problems with it. There were several “timed out” issues right after my new security system was installed, but the company made some adjustments at the panel as well as on their end, and since then it has worked flawlessly. My home is still under construction, but we were able to get things up and running and it’s terrific knowing what workers are coming and going, and what time they arrive on the job etc. It’s great getting notifications on my phone whenever a door is opened or when someone forgets to lock up, and so convenient that I can lock everything remotely on my phone. Works great for me.

Pretty much garbage

Works when it wants to. Struggles to arm/disarm. Timeout error about 1/3 attempts. Don’t even know why I keep the app on my phone.

Was working fine

When my package first got installed I thought this was the greatest thing to have being a first time homeowner and everything works but now my voice doesn’t come out at the doorbell camera and it does not record the motion of someone setting off the motion detection on the front lawn like it did first month we’ve own it . I see so many negative reviews brand not enough positive.... what’s up CPI? Do you not care about paying customers ?

Works great!

I’ve read the bad reviews and I guess we all have different experiences with this app. I have the app on my iPhone X and Series 3 watch and it works perfectly on both devices every time just as it should.

Love it

The App is fantastic. Everything I need to do is at my fingertips.


Not particularly reliable. Surprised when it works. Disappointed when needing to set the keypad manually. Great idea but poorly executed.

Worthless App

Nothing worse than pulling in your driveway, using the disarm command on your phone (giving the system PLENTY of time to disarm) walk in & immediately the alarm is going off. Proceed to run to the other side of the house to turn it off hopefully before the authorities are called...OR when you lay down in your bed at night and get that “omg this is the best part of my day” feeling, only to realize you have to get back up and go downstairs to set the alarm...why?! OH, BC THE APP DOESN’T WORK!!!!

Recent upgrade

We recently had an upgrade and new cameras installed in the front and back of home. The installer (James) was professional and cleaned up after the install.

Went Downhill Fast

This app use to work well and easy to sign in with just fingerprint but then it starting to fail in arming the alarm. Now it doesn't even open with fingerprint and doesn't recognize my password after keep changing it via desktop website. This is because an error message keeps popping up whe you go to login help.

CPI and IPhone X

Recently purchased and X. The CPI app will not install on my new phone. This is a serious deficiency. I typically used the phone to arm and disarm my system so for me this is very inconvenient. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. For now this would receive no stars when used with an X.

Worst app by far

Sometimes won’t disarm.. been spending the last hour trying to arm it to no avail. The most annoying app I have come by..

Yeah. Contract is up!

A lot of times the app times out and the disarming does not work. I have free apps that perform better. I expect more from a service I pay to use. Too many systems will do a better job. It's slow it's really slow to send that signal. It's like a text message so why does it take so long?


App only works sometimes and it never seems to work when we are out of town or have the house alarmed with no entry delay.


Just installed yesterday and seems incompatible with my iPhone. Something happened all my contacts were removed, email comes in hours later than sent, 4 copies of same email with same times sent requesting “docu-sign” bizarre

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